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Come on JEDWARD!

24 May
Angus Beef does Jedward

JEDWARD, you’d better watch out!

Hey! I’ve been practicing some of my Jedward moves. The first few times I nearly did myself some serious damage. It wasn’t that I’m unfit it’s just that these troozies are a bit on the tight side and I had to ask Pat to sew in a wee bit of spandex gusset. When he want’s to be, he’s pretty nifty with a needle and thread. He’s really getting the hang of these opposable hooves.

You know, I think we might form a band ourselves. I could be the front bull. We could call it ‘Angus & the Hoofers’. I’ve not a bad voice, if I say so myself. None of the others can sing much. Although Bernie hums a bit, especially after a heavy Pilates session!

Anyway, I’ll be tuned in on Saturday night to see if Jedward can win the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan. I’ve got to go now as I’ve to contact all my friends back in Scotland to tell them to vote for the boys.

See you soon.



‘Oh… What do I do now?…I hope this isn’t the delete button!’

10 May


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